Background Investigations

Good decisions are made based on relevant and accurate information that are received in a timely manner. Do you have a method of identifying, collecting, and analyzing sources of information to provide conclusive recommendations when you most need it? How much do you know about the person you’re dealing with? Are they really who they say they are? Be it a vendor, senior executive, or partner, it’s crucial not to make the wrong decision. That wrong decision could greatly affect your personal net-worth or the financial stability of your company.

Our Approach

We leverage a collection and analysis approach that provides the client with everything there is to know about the target.

We employ a three-phased approach:

  1. Sophisticated Data Mining – technical collection to gather all-source public and non-public information about the target
  2. Field Collection – a proactive method to seek to fill the gaps and corroborate our initial all-source collection
  3. Product Analysis – Intelligence is the result of analyzed data and information

Our Team

SRM’s cadre of business intelligence professionals is primarily draw from the ranks of the US Secret Service and the CIA. These two specialized skill sets ensure the highest capability of collection and analysis with discretion and security.

How It Works

  1. Our team leader first meets with the client to fully understand their business requirements and establish your individual set of collection priorities.
  2. We then offer a detailed proposal and price estimate. Upon acceptance and once contracted, we will become your on-demand intelligence collection apparatus.
  3. Our services can be procured under a simple service agreement or on a recurring retainer basis.

If you value the integrity and accuracy of timely analyzed intelligence then we stand ready to serve you or your enterprise.