Cybersecurity Services

Hacking has become the most successful tool for those wanting to breach security to steal sensitive information or cause irreparable harm to reputation or branding. Such threats come from nation states, organized crime, activists, competitors, as well as disgruntled former employees.

Such network penetrations frequently remain undiscovered for months or even years as professional hackers install backdoors allowing regular access. When eventually discovered, such breaches result in serious financial damage as well as legal liability for the victimized organization or individual.

While most firms consider reactive cyber security measures after discovery of the breach, best practices focus on taking measures to identify and minimize vulnerabilities thereby decreasing the risk of becoming an actual target.

Our Approach
While we can assist clients following the identification of a breach, our focus is on offensive measures helping clients to identify and resolve vulnerabilities that are frequently exploited by hackers. Such services include penetration testing of systems & applications, architecture & code review, information assurance security, and
social engineering attacks and awareness training.

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