Executive Security

The post 9-11 terrorist attacks by violent Islamic extremist organizations illustrate that commercial facilities and civilian personnel are seen as legitimate targets. Traditional criminal enterprise also represents a growing threat of kidnapping, abduction and other exploitation overseas. Corporations as well as high net worth families are the primary targets of such threats.

The growing trend of attacks and kidnappings can be attributed to several factors. The question is, what can be done to mitigate this threat? This threat represents an unprecedented danger to you, your personnel and facilities around the world that may be perceived as soft targets.

  1. What has your organization done to protect your traveling owners, executives and expatriate employees living and working overseas?
  2. What measures are in place to protect your employees who travel to potential high threat areas?
  3. Is your security staff trained to effectively provide comprehensive Executive Personal Security Details (EPSD) tailored to meet the threat?

Strategic Risk Management offers an outsourced venue to provide professional personal security services on demand.

Our Personal Security Services

Strategic Risk Management maintains a cadre of security professionals with a depth of experience to provide high quality security services to corporate clients and high profile individuals. We provide tailored EPSD for world-wide deployment based on a detailed threat assessment.

Our on-demand service can provide you with armed or unarmed EPSD for world-wide deployment within days of notification of the requirement. Our EPSD cadre of officers are veterans from the US Secret Service, FBI, and the US Special Operations Command. Whether it is a requirement for the protection of a CEO traveling overseas or discrete security for members of high net worth families on vacation, SRM is a single source for comprehensive personal security services.

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