Expatriate Life Support

Western corporations and their employees are seen as legitimate targets by Al Qa’ida and other violent groups. This represents an unprecedented threat to your personnel traveling around the world who are seen by our enemies as “soft targets”. As such, there is a greater emphasis on the mitigation of risk to expatriate employees vulnerable to terrorist attack or abduction.

  1. What measures do you have in place to mitigate these risks to your employees?
  2. Who provides your company with local knowledge and services?

Our Approach and Services

We provide an invaluable “turn key” solution for ex-pat employees who are required to reside overseas for extended periods of time. Utilizing our overseas experience and operational security training we can obtain suitable housing, vetted domestic staff, and vehicle/driver to meet your requirements without compromising security. All this can be completed prior to the employees move to the area.

We will provide the employee with emergency contact information to the best hospitals, doctors, law enforcement, and embassy personnel. We will also provide a full security assessment which will display areas that should be considered “off limits”. We also recommend that all ex-pat employees attend our Overseas Personal Security Course (OPSC) that is tailored to the specific country/region of deployment.

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