Forensic Due Diligence

The right information at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure. Does your management team have a trusted resource at hand that can target and collect specific information, corroborate the sources of information and provide contextual analysis with conclusive recommendations?

SRM actively collects and analyzes information for our clients. This tool allows customers to identify risks or threats to their personal families, businesses, or net worth.

Our process is more than a legal and accounting review of the potential target and key individuals. Our clients come to us for actionable intelligence – not just data gathering – to fully understand the potential risks associated with an opportunity. When knowing everything and being completely prepared are important to the ultimate outcome, SRM’s Forensic Due Diligence services are required.

How We Can Help

We provide strategic insight into operational risk issues. We combine investigative and collection capabilities with primary and corroborating source research. Our insights are based on facts we collect through a sophisticated and time tested approach/process for individuals, companies, countries and international markets.

Our Approach

SRM Background Investigation Services leverages a three-phased approach:

    1. Sophisticated Data Mining Tools and Technical Collection for Information Gathering.
    2. Field collection to fill the gaps and corroborate our initial all-source collection.
    3. Final product is analysis to eliminate the basis for a wrong decision.

The final product of our Background Investigation Services is a finished intelligence product.

Our Team

SRM’s cadre of business intelligence professionals are primarily draw from the ranks of the US Secret Service and the CIA. These two specialized skill sets ensure the highest capability of collection and analysis with discretion and security.

How It Works

    1. Meet with the client to fully understand your business objectives and requirements
    2. Set collection priorities
    3. Provide proposal and price estimate
    4. Upon acceptance we will become your on-demand intelligence collection apparatus
    5. Our services can be procured under a simple service agreement or on a recurring retainer basis

If you value the integrity and accuracy of timely analyzed intelligence then we stand ready to serve you or your enterprise. Click here to contact us for more information about our Intelligence Services.