Geopolitical Risk Assessment

Globalization and the opening of new overseas markets within the context of free trade agreements represent new and exciting opportunities for increased sales or reduced manufacturing costs. Geopolitical risk is a serious consideration that should be thoroughly assessed prior to entering new international markets. All applicable aspects of geopolitical risk should be identified and steps taken to mitigate those risks in order to minimize the negative impact on the success of expansion into new markets.

Some of the considerations of geopolitical risk:

– Political instability

– Corruption

– Criminal threats

– Terrorist or insurgent threats

– Taxes

– Legal protections for foreign investors

– Intellectual property protections

– Labor law and unions

– Licensing and regulatory compliance environment

Our Approach

We combine the country specific insights of former CIA operations officers with unique information collection efforts and analytics to provide a thorough assessment of  the geopolitical risks that exist in the target country. In many areas of the world we can also leverage relationships with the host nation security officials to provide in-depth reporting on specific threat issues and organizations.

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