Litigation Support

Litigation support requirements come in many forms and typically require a timely response in order to achieve the legal outcome or leverage a time-sensitive opportunity.

Our knowledge of business intelligence and in depth investigation, positions us as experts to augment the client’s case with the highest quality forensic data mining, consolidated open source information collection and sophisticated analytical techniques that go well beyond the traditional investigative ‘tradecraft’ currently available.

SRMs methods of investigation, collection and reporting can stand up to rigorous judicial scrutiny, giving you peace of mind in complex legal disputes.

How We Can Help
We assist legal and corporate teams in mitigating risks and financial loss through:

– detection and prevention of fraud
– protection and recovery of assets
– reputable testimony
– evidentiary collection
– witness and affidavit support
– discovering hidden or concealed data
– non-attributable influence and data seeding

Our Team

Strategic Risk Management’s team of business intelligence and litigation support professionals is primarily drawn from the ranks of the US Secret Service and the CIA. These two specialized skill sets combine to ensure the highest capability of support to the client without sacrificing discretion or security.

How It Works

  1. Our litigation support team leader first meets with you, the client, to fully understand your objectives and requirements and establish a set of priorities.
  2. We then offer a detailed proposal and price estimate.
  3. Upon acceptance and once contracted, we will become your on-demand litigation support apparatus.

Our services can be procured under a simple service agreement or on a recurring retainer basis. If you value the integrity and accuracy of timely, cost effective litigation support then we stand ready to serve you or your firm.

If you are interested in more information about our Litigation Support Services, we here to help.