Overseas Security Training

The Overseas Personal Security Course is an instructor-led training course for expatriate employees and international business travelers. The curriculum was developed as a result of case studies of terrorist attacks, assassinations, and kidnappings.

Topics Covered are:

  • Personal security
  • Travel pattern and route analysis
  • Surveillance and attack indicators that precede terrorist operations
  • Threat identification
  • Attack evasion

Our Approach

Our training cadre will provide an analysis of your training requirements, offer a timely and detailed technical proposal, and execute the training at your location, thereby minimizing the disruptions and distractions to your organization’s mission objectives or business cycle. We also offer an OPSC train-the-trainer work shop to enhance the qualifications of your security professionals and provide your organization with the curriculum and instructor skills to build an in-house training capability thereby avoiding long-term outsourcing costs. Our OPSC instructor cadre is made up of veterans from the CIA, US Secret Service, FBI, and the US Special Operations Command.

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