Threat Audit

A threat audit is defined as a systematic approach to test and validate the security measures put in place as a result of an internal threat assessment.

Corporations that represent symbols of Western society and economic power are increasingly vulnerable to future terrorist attacks. This vulnerability exists both domestically and overseas. The lack of uniformly accepted threat assessment tools leave corporate security professionals questioning the effectiveness of current defensive measures in the face of evolving enemy tactics. The ever changing battlefield in the Global War On Terrorism has created a need to audit existing security measures.

Our Approach and Services

Our Threat Audit is built around a Red Team made up of former Special Operations Forces personnel who:

  1. Conduct a CARVER analysis of your facility and personnel defensive measures.
  2. Analyze your vulnerability from the enemy’s perspective and create coordinated scenario based tests to validate your organization’s security posture.
  3. Operate as role players that can adapt to the specific threat environment and test the various echelons of passive and active security measures.

All of our Threat Audits are documented in a comprehensive report. Our tradecraft is unique and provides the highest possible level of assured services.

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